LED Strip Lights

//LED Strip Lights
  • Code LEDST605MCWIP                  5M LED Cool White IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDST605MNWIP                 5M LED Natural White IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDST605MWWIP                5M LED Warm White IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDST605MGRIP                  5M LED Green IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDST605MBLIP                   5M LED Blue IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDST605MREIP                   5M LED Red IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDST605MYIP                      5M LED Amber IP65 8mm 4.8w
  • Code LEDST605MCWHDIP                  5M LED Cool White IP65 8mm 14.4w LEDST605MNWHDIP                 5M LED Natural White IP65 8mm 14.4w LEDST605MWWHDIP                5M LED Warm White IP65 8mm 14.4w LEDST605MGRHDIP                  5M LED Green IP65 8mm 14.4w LEDST605MBLHDIP                   5M LED Blue IP65 8mm 14.4w LEDST605MREHDIP                   5M LED Red IP65 8mm 14.4w LEDST605MYHDIP                      5M LED Amber IP65 8mm 14.4w
  • Code LEDSTKITMCWIP                  5M LED Cool White IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDSTKITMNWIP                 5M LED Natural White IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDSTKITMWWIP                5M LED Warm White IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDSTKITMGRIP                  5M LED Green IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDSTKITMBLIP                   5M LED Blue IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDSTKITMREIP                   5M LED Red IP65 8mm 4.8w LEDSTKITMYIP                      5M LED Amber IP65 8mm 4.8w
  • Code LEDSTKITRGBIP5M           5m RGB IP65  colour changing kit
  • Code LEDSTKITCCT5M           5m CCT IP65  colour changing kit
  • Code D6WLED                                  12V 6W LED DRIVER D12WLED                                12V 12W LED DRIVER D30WLED                                12V 30W LED DRIVER D60WLED                                12V 60W LED DRIVER D100WLED                              12V 100W LED DRIVER D180WLED                              12V 180W LED DRIVER D240WLED                              12V 240W LED DRIVER D300WLED                              12V 300W LED DRIVER D360WLED                              12V 230W LED DRIVER        
  • Code D30WIP6712V                          12V 30W IP67 LED DRIVER D30WIP6724V                          24V 30W IP67 LED DRIVER D60WIP6712V                          12V 60W IP67 LED DRIVER D60WIP6712V                           24V 60W IP67 LED DRIVER D100WIP6712V                         12V 30W IP67 LED DRIVER D100WIP6712V                         24V 30W IP67 LED DRIVER          
  • Here you can find a wide variety of  LED  Aluminum Profile for mounting your LED Strip Lights. With a wide choice of shapes and sizes these Aluminum Channels are perfect for a professional and finished look on any LED projects. LED Strip Light Profile comes with a frosted cover and mounting brackets    
  • Code LEDST5M10CW                  5M LED Cool White 10w P/M LEDST5M10NW                 5M LED Natural White  10w P/M LEDST5M10WW                5M LED Warm White  10w P/M LEDST5M10GR                  5M LED Green  10w P/M LEDST5M10BL                   5M LED Blue  10w P/M LEDST5M10RE                   5M LED Red 10w P/M LEDST5M10AM                  5M LED Amber 10w P/M LEDST5M10PI                     5M LED Pink 10w P/M